Infinity Mirror

Mirrors add a touch of style to any room, especially an infinity mirror that seems like it goes on and on. They give a feeling of depth like large wall mirrors and elegance like art Deco mirrors. This type of mirror is very popular and can be used in many rooms of the home such as the living room, bedroom, and bathroom. An infinity bathroom mirror will help to make a small bathroom look much larger than it really is. It adds spaciousness.

An infinity mirror makes the room look like it has more space. If you look into a mirror, there is a pattern of frames that seem like they extend deep into it to exaggerate depth. At one time, an infinity mirror was considered a decoration but this is no longer the case. It is now used on furniture as well as wall hangings. Some homes and businesses have illuminated items of this type.

There are also ways of how to make an infinity mirror yourself. Some of the items you will need include cardboard, two glass panels, reflective film, and wood to make the frame, glue, and LED to make an LED infinity mirror.

The first step is to create the outside frame with a piece of wood that measures 1 inch by 4 inches. The second step is to create the inside with a ˝ inch thick piece of wood. The frame should have holes to allow you to install the lights. The outside frame of the infinity mirror should be larger to go around the inner frame. There should also be a one-inch opening to allow you to attach the cord that will power the lights.

The backing of the infinity mirror will be the cardboard. The reflective film and the cardboard should be colored black and then the reflective film should cover the glass. Then the backing and the glass will go with the outside part of the frame. Next, the lights are installed and then the second pane of glass, which should also be covered with black reflective film, is attached. The second glass piece is what will be used as a mirror in order to view all of the patterns typically seen in a lighted infinity mirror. The final step is to seal the glass with molding.

There are various uses for the finished product. It can be used by hanging it on the wall in a bathroom, bedroom, or living room. You can also use it to decorate and enhance your furniture or you can place it as an addition to a table or nightstand.

An infinity mirror surely makes a very nice décor anywhere because it looks beautiful especially after the lights are installed. Lights of any color can be used to add depth and to make an area look spacious. An infinity mirror can be made or purchased with intricate designed frames if you wish.